iPhone 5 with O2

iPhone 5 is one come up with attractive look and design. It is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2011. This iphone 5 is stunning enough to captivate everyone’s eye. iPhone 5 with O2 is the beneficial option available for cell phone users. It is expected that this gadget comes with 32 gigabyte version and a 64 gigabyte version giving you plenty of room for more apps, photo’s etc. it is expected that it comes with 8 mega pixel camera with dual LED Flash.

O2 is an impressive and popular mobile phone network. The main aim of this network provider is to promote the world of mobile technology into the home of every individual. It offers many exciting deals for customers such as pay monthly, contract deal, pay as you go deal and SIM free deals. All these are beneficial for cell phone users. Along with these deals user will get many benefits and free gifts.

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